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루마니아 MZ작가가 그려낸 상상 이상의 세계
Artist Insight 16A World Beyond Perception by Romanian MZ Generation Artist (text in Korean)


Contemporary Art Issue:  A Conversation with Mircea Teleagă by Julien Delagrange, 4 May 2023

Static Cinema - poem by Nick Scammell published with the occasion of the exhibition In Our Own Time at OHSH South, London. 


Spotlight: The Wick Culture:  Romanian Painter Mircea Teleagă Championed by Jane Neal, 22 December 2021

BOUND - limited edition of 100 books published by the Sarabande Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation in collaboration with G.F. Smith

Enigma Variations: Mircea Teleagă by Nick Scammell 11 April 2021


Presence – exhibition catalogue, text Jane Neal, Justin Mortimer, Caroline Walker, 2018, London, UK. ISBN: 978-1-5272-2762-0
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Financial Times Weekend Issue - Sarabande Foundation - 10/11 February 2018.

The New York Times - by Rachel Garrahan. April 2 2018, Alexander McQueen’s Legacy:

Mircea Teleaga on Angst and Sci-Fi Landscapes. by Emily Steer. Elephant Art. 13 August 2018.

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